Sun. Mar 1st, 2020

Your Travel Buddy, Companion or Best Friend


Travelling abroad for long amounts of time for some is a significant task to plan and to overcome the nerves is a big decision to break free of a 9-5 job or. The thought of going it alone is even more mind blowing than you think so what makes people take the plunge to go travelling alone with a travel buddy, travel companion or  a a sole traveller. For me many years ago I’d settled into a new house for a year and was in a long term relationship but there was always something missing in my life and I was in a job that meant me working continuous shifts so had it on my mind to travel the world and make the break to travel either with a companion, travel friend or on my own whatever it took I was going but at that time I knew no one that wanted to travel so I went alone. I was planning that one day soon I would be abroad travelling on a budget with enough to get me around South East Asia. As it turned out without a companion or travel buddy, I never returned home for over 18 months from the day I left the United Kingdom on my own as a sole traveller. I couldn’t find a travel buddy at that time so gave up after trying to find a a travel buddy for some weeks but made a decision as mentioned to go it alone. What may be the best travel destination for your companion from back home may differ from yours so finding a companion on arrival makes much more sense if you have the same travel ideas to start your adventure . It really is as simple as that and I guarantee you will have more than enough travel companions from the first week of arrival if you go out and enjoy yourself speak to lots of people and join in on the fun..

Since travelling I’ve noticed lots of advertisements to find travel companions and websites that are dedicated to finding people almost like a dating agency to find a travel buddy or travel companion. I was glad I went alone and didn’t pay anyone for their company or any website to search for a companion. These days there are travel companion websites everywhere that claim to be able to hook you up with like-minded travellers to keep you entertained on your route around the world. This is great but I’ve always found that when I’m in a position of been alone I have to make more effort meeting people when I arrive at my travel destination’s first port of call. I’m a big fan of females wanting to find travel companions for no other reason than safety and their need for a person to share their life with often is better with a travel companion. best friend or travel buddy. I’m not saying it’s wrong for a female to travel alone and I know ladies often travel alone anyway and I take my hat to them but these days if you watch the news its hardly surprising why there are more groups of woman travel.  After my  first initial planned five weeks of travel there was never a time I never bumped into someone I knew from previous travels in a guest house, hotel or camping site. It was just amazing how many friends, companions and travel buddies I had made.

Going back on my second night after catching up with some sleep after the flight to Bangkok, Thailand where I met a group of guys from Manchester who I talked with for an hour until they asked me to join them for the evening which I did which set me up for over a year with the same group from South East Asia all the way to Australia for a whole year. There were times I travelled alone but at most I kept bumping into previous travel companions in South East Asia and Australia for over a year and a half. I spent ages living in the same house with my travel buddies in Australia where we were known as the Holiday Club Crew. We all worked at holiday company in sales and marketing and loved every moment of it. I find it easy to find new friends and companions that don’t come from an internet chat website or agency and to be honest the first time I travelled there was no Facebook and I never swapped an email at all until I got to Australia and by then we all had mobile phones anyway with international dialling cards to phone home at a cent a minute if we wanted.

Travel companions are important for many and I must admit I got used to travelling with many people over time but I never forgot that sometimes I just wanted to go it alone and no one complained as they knew that sometimes I favoured been alone to meet even more people when I felt ready to add to our entourage especially in Australia. I wasn’t young either at that time and had to make a choice in Thailand with the Manchester crew about spending a year in Australia with them or not and it would have been my last chance to work and travel around Australia. I was 29 years old and the law around that time was 30 years old to get your last chance at getting a working visa. It was a good choice and I got all my tax returns from every single job I worked at in Australia which amounted to $3000.

These days with travel been so popular for all ages you can often see adds for senior travel companions wanted in newspapers, websites even companion dating agencies. It’s fantastic to meet such diversified people of all ages while travelling around the world either with or without companions, buddies or friends. There are travel clubs all over the internet and you can find them on Facebook easily if you know where you are looking. Remember I mentioned the Holiday Club Crew in Australia? There was over 40 of us at the end of our contracts working in sales and telemarketing and I never ever remember an argument the whole time I worked there. It was party after party and our management at the Holiday Club job never complained because he knew we would always turn up for work the next day. I became team leader and enjoyed my time so much I wanted to stay but I had other plans to travel alone again for a few weeks over the Great Ocean Road and Adelaide then the Barossa Valley and back to Sydney to fly home to the United Kingdom.

There are no rules with travel companionship or travel buddies, but I understand that sharing ideas, moments and itineraries with someone may be far easier and more fun. I’ve at times wondered what it would have been like to have a whole group to travel with from the United Kingdom but I just know it would have been mayhem so I took the peaceful alternative of travelling around the world at the beginning alone but it never lasted. It’s hard not to meet people on arrival and the good times continue to flow the more interesting people you meet so the story just expands and moves on to the next chapter when you meet more and more people.The reason why I travelled to Thailand was because I previously went in holiday to Ibiza with someone that returned a week earlier. He didn’t like the music, or the scene and I loved it so stayed. I learned from that holiday and decided I would never travel with anyone again even on two-week break because I knew I could meet lots of people on arrival and not have to listen to the complaints even though the person that went home and left me In Ibiza with sad face I always remained a friend. After all it was his own choice to leave a week early.

What do you have in common?

If you are thinking about a travel companion, consider what activities you and your travel buddy enjoy most. Do you prefer climbing or swimming, but your partner is afraid of the drowning? Would you rather go to the National Art Gallery than explore abandoned landmarks? Are you the type of traveller to enjoy a night in or go partying all night long?  You don’t have to enjoy every little thing together, of course! Just make sure you know if your travel companion is as outdoorsy, adventurous, artsy, or more into the more touristy sightseeing experiences. This will help you coordinate your itinerary, plan your travel days, and help you be more prepared for each day’s new adventure!

Travelling Alone

Always make sure you tell someone where you going next be it a friend and old companion, your parents back at home or anyone that can hold onto the information to tell others if you go missing or haven’t been in touch with anyone for a long time. At least people know where your heading not like me back when I was teaching English as a Foreign Language. In 2004 I was working in Thailand and on the 26th December the Tsunami hit and demolished an island called Koh Phi Phi in the South of Thailand where many people perished. I had planned to go there but delayed my holiday to save money but hadn’t told my family that I had cancelled. I always think even today what would have happened had I chosen to go. My family were calling the British embassy all day to find out if I was OK.  Luckily that day a I called my mother to tell her I hadn’t gone down south for my holiday and was safe at home in my condominium. My family were terribly worried about me hence I made the decision to call them that very day to relieve them of their worries.

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