Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More

Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More

What are the practicalities of taking a TEFL course at a training center?  When your sat at home wondering which country to take your TEFL course at thinking about where you would prefer to be for a least 6 weeks to take the course so that you are ready to teach when you have finalized your course and graduated with your certificate at hand. Finalizing your TEFL course at a language school gives you the advantage to find work as soon as you’re ready. TEFL schools these days often have training facilities for students to learn inside the TEFL training center and if you’re lucky like me could be teaching before your TEFL course has even ended. That’s right I had about a week left of my course and I was asked to teach at the primary level. I must have been lucky, or I was just in the right place at the right time getting paid even before the end of the course.

I doubt this would happen these days with laws changing and red tape making it hard to get away with such things. The beauty of taking your TEFL course in the country you want to teach in gives you a head start for job opportunities and you’ll be offered almost everything from business English to Kindergarten, whatever suits your teaching style and your abilities. Before choosing a TEFL training center to think about the five needs below and what to look out for in a TEFL course. Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More and enjoy the benefits of being with people just like you who want to teach and make new friends to chill out with.

  • At least 100 Hours of Training & Coursework. …
  • Live Practice Teaching is Critical. …
  • Accreditation from a Recognised Independent Body. …
  • Instruction Provided by Highly Qualified Trainers. …
  • Quality Job Placement Assistance.
  • Instructor Qualifications
  • Free Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • Student Teaching (Practicum)
  • Price

I want you to be excited about your new abilities and cherish your TEFL certificate because it’s far more than just a qualification it gives you a fantastic start to your career if you  Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More just like It did for me. I’m not saying to take a course in Thailand more explaining there are lots of opportunities if you do. I was teaching at a company called Pao Jing Jong a Thai television broadcasting company for soap operas on channel seven in Thailand and to make it even better my direct boss was the former Miss Thailand who was married to the owner of the business. I worked for a flight booking system company called Abacus with fantastic training facilities and I worked for a re-touching and advertising company near Lumpini Park, Thailand called Illusions who worked on advertising campaigns for Heineken and Colgate. I was teaching all three positions within the first three months of completing my TEFL qualification in Bangkok.

Thailand is one of the main countries for TEFL teachers both new and old and is my favorite country but there are other countries such as Mexico that are culturally amazing and can offer you a fantastic opportunity if you’re willing to give it a shot. If you have some money left over after your TEFL course you’ll have an advantage over me, I was broke but as mentioned above managed to get teaching positions at the test center before my course ended.  So, if you have money left over it’s time to hit teaching forums, local international newspapers, school visits, and test center tuition as I did before moving on with the success I mentioned above. always remember that it’s better to Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More with like-minded people.

There is a ton of job assistance available at TEFL training schools from where you can choose where you wish to teach with normally no shortage of students to teach. The training center staff will mentor you and guide you towards opportunities that may suit you and of course you have received some motivation reading this article. Motivation is the key factor for everything for me and the assistance I had from the TEFL training center within a few months I was earning almost double the wage I was with teaching from business to business for the training center. The TEFL training center staff were happy I had succeeded, and I miss them lots.

Realistic Teaching Practice

During your training, you’ll be heading towards your career as a teacher and from here you’ll learn effective teaching practices. That’s right I believe it is a career because it can change your life and it looks great on your resume. Company’s these days love to read about travel experiences and what professional international experiences you have utilized overseas.

Think about learning at a TEFL center because it’s a realistic teaching practice and you could be the best teacher of your group, show your motivation for others to view and learn from and then you’ll be able to show the best teaching practices you have learned. Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More and Smile in front of class and love every moment your teaching because your TEFL certificate and training is where this really comes from and it’s a realistic venture you take to be successful. TEFL courses in Thailand are incredible for this as the students are always smiling and polite as I’m sure if you’re going to teach in Thailand it’s known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ so you’ll love the learning and teaching atmosphere.

Visa Coordination

When you’re thinking about working in your chosen country and you have completed you TEFL training, received your certificate and decided where and what type of school you want to teach at it’s time to think about a reason for staying around the TEFL training center (Take a TEFL In-House and Learn More)  for a while as they are experts at getting your immigration visa application and work permits, etc. It’s always a good idea to at least get your visa sorted for a while and then move on when you have plenty of time to make new plans if you’re thinking about teaching at another preferred school of your choice.

Cultural Adjustments

You have been in training for say five weeks and made lots of foreign friends and began to learn a few sentences to perhaps order a beer or a meal and your ability to understand how to hold a polite conversation to say hello and how are you and what have you been doing today. This is where you’re learning your cultural adjustment stages and you should take it on each day to learn about different aspects of the language and culture.

I was lazy at the beginning but managed to learn much more about listening than I could speak but I was often told the Thai that I spoke was phonetically, extremely good. I had a Thai girlfriend for 4 years and she never spoke Thai to me, so I was learning slow and she majored in English at university, so it was her that benefited overall. Cultural adjustments are important, try to get as much of the language as you can even if that means working for the TEFL training school, (Take a TEFL In-House to Learn More) for a longer period. You will learn far more about the culture and language if you remain with your new friends and they’re highly likely to want you around to help them too because they will want to learn their cultural adjustment stages to become better speakers of English.

Making Friends & Networking

As mentioned above you’ll make far more friends by forming a network if you learn the language as best you can because most TEFL language schools offer lessons to their new teachers so make that one of your priorities to learn as much as possible. There is nothing better than understanding what’s been said in a foreign language, something I enjoyed in staff rooms with my fellow teachers and assistants.

I could understand what was been relayed across the staff room which helped me out with communication overall when needed. I’m not a huge fan of online TEFL courses for the reason of not having the advantages of been taught at a professional training center and all that I have mentioned in this article. You’ll meet fantastic people with similar career paths, have fun, learn from and be there for you when you need them for revision and nights out or a shoulder to cry on if either is missing home. Nothing is worse than doing everything alone such as online so get your TEFL course booked, get on the air-plane and start your new life overseas as soon as you can. Remember taking a TEFL course In-House is an amazing adventure to be able to meet fantastic people to hang around with, study together with and have fun during your course.