Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

The Modern Day Interactive Classroom

The school of the future & The Interactive Classroom

When we try to think about the school of the future, it is natural to take into consideration the huge role of technology. However, the risk is still that of focusing on a choice between physical and digital solutions, when we really must accept the fact that we will always be moving between these two dimensions and increasingly never leaving either realm both physical or digital learning.

Embracing this point of view is the first step to correctly configure the digital environment at school, enabling students to learn through a new, more powerful experience, born from the interaction with various aspects of their lives, which are by the time inescapably both digital and physical.

Here are 4 ideas to start configuring classrooms as digital spaces for the modern environment with the use of technology for learning

A new role for walls

In the school of the future, we need to think about the learning needs of students and where modern technology is likely to take us, walls will no longer have a “separation role” but, on the contrary, will become the space of the interaction between students and educational contents and material – with a digital structure, of course.

As more revenue is plowed into schools that can afford the highest spec technology, enrolment into such schools will increase somewhat leaving other students behind, perhaps students that need a higher learning environment to achieve at their best.

The removal of the whiteboard has already begun, and the classroom of the future will demonstrate full interactive walls as its natural replacement. It’s impressive enough when you watch such ideas been used in USA crime movies even though much of it isn’t real but then again, we said that about many forms of technology that is available on the market today.

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The evolution of desks and how it has evolved

Not only walls, but even desks will also become part of the digital revolution in the classroom of the future. Desks will no longer be written on, more utilized in a way that acts as the visual computer with files been uploaded to various folders for grading with encrypted passwords. There will be no more need to store books in lockers as all learning materials will be stored online for easy access and to improve the environment with less need for books and paper.

Students’ desks will evolve into interactive devices, allowing them to submit all work from there to their Cloud accounts, where teachers can access to guide them and provide feedback, wherever they are and whenever it is needed. Students will be far more adapted than those of the past which is seen in society today with the elder people not even close to knowing how to use an iPad let alone an interactive desk or wall.

It has been mentioned that every household will soon own some sort of computer with internet in the United Kingdom but that was another promise laid down for votes so it’s highly unlikely with poor housing and estates lacking access to cable and support from the government to improve living conditions first to enable the country to rise together and not have other social groups to be left hanging behind.

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Technology means sustainability & Provision

The school of the future has a strong potential to lead the way and become a place where to educate pupils and students on the importance of living in a sustainable way. Already in China, the modern universities and campuses show unique designs in almost every classroom and study rooms.

Technology will help young people understanding and following this path, starting immediately from their desks. Installing solar windows in classrooms, for example, will help reduce the building’s carbon footprint while saving money that can be invested to buy new devices or learning materials.

Holograms: a fully immersive experience that highlights an authentic touch

Students often require seeing, touch, experience in a more authentic way what they learn at school. Holograms can help to make this happen, engaging learners’ attention and providing them the possibility to better explore the content, literally immersing themselves in it.

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