Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

How to Become a Travel Blogger

Living and teaching in Thailand defiantly has its benefits from where you can take weekends away with summer holidays during term holidays which gives you that time to organize yourself and head for the beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, and Buddhist retreats. You can go to a scenic location in less than an hour but before your ready for the excitement of Thailand read my blog below.

The trick is to find out what Thailand is like before you teach and then make the decision. It took me 18 months later after Australia to make my mind up, but it was always on my mind to live and teach in Thailand at a later point after I came back from Oz! to save up and take my TEFL certification in Bangkok. Think about How to become a travel blogger and write all your stories down when you later build an online business. Some people mention it’s better to start your blog before you leave home and write each day.

For me, it was more about the will to teach and travel but first I had to do some traveling to make up my decision to make Thailand my home from where I lived and taught English 18 months later. Read a part of my travel blog to find out my first moments in Thailand and how I traveled with excitement from the UK.

My flight via Dubai from Birmingham airport to Bangkok, Thailand was something I really never expected after sleeping for most of the journey after transferring at Dubai airport I slept most the journey, amazing when you consider the French lady next to me had a little baby which I thought would have kept me awake with crying but not a sound. In fact, the only thing that woke me up was the altitude change on landing at Bangkok airport. This was mentioned in my travel blog, remember (How to Become a Travel Blogger) I was so excited at this point I had to calm my nerves and self-down to think where I would go from here as I hadn’t booked a room or made any so-called plans. This was something I wanted from the start as I needed to find a direction through not knowing too much and learning as I go on.

However, Khou san Road, Banglampoo district in Bangkok was the direction everyone was talking about in books and on YouTube but I was more worried about reading most backpackers arrive here at some point with my thoughts of going the opposite way to find my own travel locations and adventures.

However, I really needed to have a beer and meet new people to get the ball rolling. After my nerves and excitement had settled a touch the heat and humidity began to hit home and I needed some water and quick so I made my first decision to jump on a bus to Khou San Road which was cheap but long-winded and the bus was extremely cramped but at least I was on my way apart from the lack of water for almost an hour or more. Goodness, I had been in Thailand less than 30 minutes and I was moaning about the heat but isn’t that what newbies do?

No, I had to motivate myself to enjoy the new experiences and get a grip on my new life here. Here’s a tip for the newbies that are just starting out, become part of what you are trying to achieve and adapt to change and become enlightened and curious about your new environment and your new life will adapt with you. I had plenty of money in my British account and Thai Baht with me and all my visa cards so I was at this point feeling secure but a little nervous from the not knowing what to expect on arrival to Khou San Road, the backpacker’s mecca. I mentioned all of this in my travel blogging and took all of that and wrote it here so remember how to become a travel blogger.

I was dropped off just up the road and walked a couple of Soi’s (streets) towards Khou San Road and then walked past the local police station and there it was Khou San Road, the mecca for backpackers, selling anything traveler based, fake university degree’s to street vendor’s food for as a little as 20 Baht for a meal.

The first thing that came to mind was the smells and the noise of tuk-tuks (three-wheeled motorbike taxi’s) moving up and down the street taking backpackers to their destinations and that smell of the drainage system or sewerage which was at most overpowering. I moved on and checked into a Guest House called Sawasdee Smile at the back of the main temple at the bottom of Khou San Road, somewhere I stayed a lot over the years during key travel plans until I rented a nice apartment later on when I became a teacher.

Remember I did this all alone and it’s what I have done most of my life so if you’re looking for like-minded, interesting and motivated entrepreneurs just like me think about building a structure for your travel life with the theme how to become a travel blogger, it will honor your business plans in the future on how to become a travel blogger. Write in your notebook these titles (People, Places, and Reasons) so that all conversations and ideas during your travels with those amazing experiences, breath-taking destinations and incredible stories make sense to you and you can later write and amazing travel blog.

To become a travel blogger I did this from day one and it’s the best method for memorizing a place, with a chosen person you may have met and an idea you both had to visit a place or do something exciting and don’t forget that a photograph can express so much more when the time is perfect. The most amazing people often come back into your life without any form of communication, such as emails, phone numbers and letters after your first initial meeting but why does this happen? Lots of people tend to travel to a certain place at a certain time for festivals and special Thai occasions so you will always bump into someone you know.

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone was inspirational for me, I learned from my own thoughts and experiences and although I met lots of people it was my spiritual side later that helped me put all this into perspective. I would never have been able to continue without my own perspective of why things happen when we travel and how to adapt to a culture. My first night was the most important in Thailand, I was motivated to achieve my goal from the first night and I did that by that meeting a bunch of lads from Manchester from the United Kingdom and most of them went on to be with me for at least the whole five weeks.

We traveled, had the craziest of times and we later moved onto the living and working in Sydney for a are you ready? A marketing company in a place in North Sydney called Crow’s Nest. Each and every day I traveled over Sydney Harbour Bridge to work I had to pinch myself each day in disbelief.

Bangkok is one of the places that can take you in and spit you out with nothing but a flight home and no more than a headache of questions from friends back home about the ladies of the night. A lot of my old friends have a happy family life with kids and nice houses in Thailand and believe me they are wiser than me about anything related to Thailand and can tell you a story or two. Oh did I mention most of them are English teachers?

Moving on back on Khou San Road, the first night was fantastic, I was a little drunk but more overwhelmed I had made it to Thailand a country so far away. The Manchester lads and couple girls we met from the UK traveled with us to Koa Samui in southern Thailand, mission full-moon party in Koa Phangan a small island near Koa Samui. We traveled on the sleeper train the whole journey and got up to lots of mischiefs as lads do but it was all good honest fun and we learned a lot about each other as documented in my diary. Remember! People, Places, and Reason.

Always take a few photo’s and write about who you met as new friends. As mentioned, I loved traveling alone, but I wanted to stay with the fun crowd for now to write my travel blog and enter lots of exciting snippets from our travel shenanigans. This was where I learned how to become a travel blogger and show the world about my travels.

We spent three weeks in the southern islands of Thailand, the full moon party was amazing, but we didn’t sleep for three days at least and it showed as we slept for a whole day on the beach after we had returned to reality on Koh Samui. I blame the bucket’s and the mushrooms but that’s another story. BTW! try not to mix too much Samson Whiskey with Red bull in a bucket and lot’s drinking straws it sends you mad. But it’s fun!

I needed at this point a few days away from all the madness and decided to go to Koh Phi Phi a small island to write my travel blog in the south of Thailand where I met two lads from London called Luke and Phil, two brothers. We chilled the days away and had a relaxed time with the odd night of partying but at most it was quiet and something I needed. I did do a lot of site seeing and scuba diving etc at this point and also got to move around the island alone to meet new people, but Phil and Luke were always out and about in the evenings. All this was added to my travel blog and it was at this point I learned how to become a travel blogger.

I made lots of friends here because it was more adapted to a slow life with lots of traveler conversations. An old friend Mathew from the UK, later joined me because he had traveled from Bangkok with a new passport and, to be honest, I never really found out how he managed to lose his old passport in Pat-pong, the night before he was going to Vietnam. I mentioned it in my travel blog anyway to remind me later about this fun experience.

Mathew and I moved onto a nightclub called Lucifer’s’ and partied all night and later that night Mathew came back towards me with a look of panic in his eyes and told me he had lost his passport which he had in his pocket, stamped with a Vietnam visa for the next day’s journey. I was shocked so we searched the floor to no avail. He had to apply for a new passport, and I was to journey through Vietnam on my own as previously planned before I met Mathew a few weeks before. In saying that it would have been nice to travel with him. In my travel blog, I mentioned Mathew and him losing his passport and got lot’s of other people mention they had lost their passport somewhere.

This sounds a bit crazy but I did mention I wanted to create my own route for an adventure which I think I didn’t at this point I was on the traveler’s route of madness but it paid off with an invite from the Manchester lads who wanted me to join them to Australia for a year. I had spent a lot of money but made the decision to have my BMW in the UK sold by a friend and the money paid for my trip to Australia. These are all snippets taken from my travel blogging and coincide with real events with real people which is the beauty of how to become a travel blogger.