3. Become an Online Teaching Expert - £29.99

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Expected release date is 26th Jul 2019

Chances are you’re good at something, maybe even an expert. Now there’s a way to monetize that skill: Teach others online. There are several websites that offer people the chance to teach classes via video and get paid for it. Imagine being paid for something you love talking about and telling others how proud you are to have learned about your skills.

The premise is simple: Shoot a video of yourself teaching a class about whatever topic you like. Upload it to one of the sites and let people all over the world pay you for the chance to learn what you know. Then sit back while the cash rolls in.

For some people, such videos can be a cash cow. Some websites report their most successful instructors can pull in six figures. However, once the video is live, you don’t need to do much more — probably you should put some effort into marketing, but you don’t have to — meaning it can be a source of mostly passive income. Obviously, you should teach something you know a lot about, but it should also be something you genuinely enjoy doing — your enthusiasm will come through in the work you do.

How to Become an Online Teaching Expert - Core Offer

1.  Lesson One - Choose your niche.
2. Lesson two - Choose your platform.
3. Lesson three - Write your script.
4. Lesson four - Get some feedback.
5. Lesson five - Get the right gear.
6. Lesson six -  consider your space.
7. Lesson seven - Find a test audience.
8. Lesson eight - Set your price.
9. lesson nine - Online marketing.
10. Lesson ten - Make another one.