Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

How to Make a Multiple Stream Income

To make a multi-stream income  I have to mention lots of people have asked me why I implement money-making possibilities on my website on how to make extra income from home when it has nothing to with the name TEFL ART. Let me explain to you the reason I have search engine optimization training and articles on my website. First of all, let me explain I have taken some content down to keep my website on track of what it does for you with teaching English as a foreign language in mind. You can read articles about just about anything but these days I keep the website on track mostly for teachers from where you can reach out for employment from my sister site. That’s right I can get you a well-paid job in South East Asia with just a click of a button.

Let me get back on track and tell you the real reason I have marketing articles on my website. I used to be a TEFL Teacher and know how to make a passive income online, something that most teachers love to reinforce their ability and costs for travel, the main reason for becoming a teacher is to travel with long holidays and beautiful places in close proximity for weekends away. I lived in Thailand for 4 years and have traveled extensively throughout Asia and in my spare time, I had several websites that allowed me to learn how to make a passive income. Now let me explain that even though I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be, I was able to earn some money with my Thailand Hotel Booking Website and Silver Jewellery Store. My hotel booking website did quite well and I was earning money also with ad-sense and other marketing strategies. All this was possible with knowing how to have a multiple stream income knowledge and knowing

I’ve learned that teachers abroad more than often get into building websites to make money because it’s a common method of earning more income to travel and to do the things that would not be possible on a basic school salary. Let me remind you here I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be but I learned a lot and had enough money from a competitive salary from the school that helped me not only do the things I wanted but also cover my cost for adverting and setting up websites to get an extra income. Teachers these days more often than not want that extra income and work towards building lucrative websites with multiple stream ideas that work this is the real reason for writing this article to offer teachers a training course that accepts teachers that want to make that all-important second stream income.

If you’re a teacher that loves to travel and wants to know how to make a passive income online while on the road then its right here that you can learn more about multiple stream incomes. I’d like to invite you to a company called Wealthy Affiliate who has an unlimited amount of resources and training to become a great affiliate-based entrepreneur. With a community of friendly members of over 2 million you simply can’t go wrong with a wealth of shared information to create that a multiple stream income. The community has a chat-based facility that runs 24 hours a day with continuous support from the tech team that answers almost immediately if you need to have things fixed or you need extra ideas and help. You’re looking at traveling longer right and enjoying the beach life? Remember how to make a multiple stream income.

Wealthy Affiliate is run by two fantastic guys, Kyle and Carson who have worked together for some years to create Wealthy Affiliate. They have created a training course that has lots of videos in the sequence of website construction for the implementation of making a passive income online with a niche that you choose, something that you love to talk about, write about or doing on a daily basis because you love it. You can choose a niche about just about anything as the training aims at making it successful for you. You can even sign up for a week and begin to create your websites for free with a training course that comes with the free subscription and as a full premium member, you can have up 50 websites on their server so there is enough work for you to take on if you’re willing to give it a shot. Not forgetting that you can transfer any domains you already have over to the Wealthy Affiliates platform, or you can choose a domain also within the platform for your business to begin its journey.

I know that being a teacher there are times your there thinking about what to do with your spare time and for me there was nothing better than learning how to make a passive income. I’ve tried many training courses but none of them came even close to the friendly approach that Wealthy Affiliate has created. I’ve joined this program and never once had a bad experience with the community, and I’ve built two websites to achieve that multiple stream income that I’ve always wanted.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform lets you choose your website template and upload it for you to begin your journey with your multiple stream income ideas that all come from inside the community. Kyle and Carson the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are always there for you and respond to you in person online if you need some support. Of course, you don’t have to be a teacher to be involved in this but the reason I choose teachers to illustrate how to become a Wealthy Affiliate is because this kind of business can be taken anywhere with you, on your travels, weekends away or from home and all you need is laptop or PC or just about any device to create your business. It’s something that really can fit into a teacher schedule to find that multiple stream income to be able to work from anywhere.