TEFL Art's Competition



Welcome to TEFL Art's competition! For teachers or those that want to teach to create a second income owning an online teaching business. Learn more about my training in my members only Facebook Group. Learn from my free Opt-In eBook, an Online Digital eBook & Presentation- Make Your Online Business Work (Teach English Online). The competition will begin soon so please enter into my Facebook Group, not mandatory to join, however there are a lot of like-minded people in there to buddy up with to start your online business project.

To enter the competition you must first opt-in for free for my free digital marketing material which consist of how to use the website prize, a 40+ function, fully automated recruitment website for hiring teachers and finding students from across the world to teach. The website has a fully implemented resume upload service, advertising tools, contacts forms and resume view under subscription and much more. The website loads up extremely fast and works well for it's purpose of owning your own business in teaching online and expanding into recruitment to have other teachers working for you like a teaching agency.

The recruitment platform and website has never been sold or used online before for recruitment only as a test or promotional portal. It has all the services to recruit such as a resume upload system for either students or teachers, contact forms, school advertising portal for schools to advertise for teachers across the world. It has a fully integrated admin area from where you can organise files, upload pictures, work with your page content and add you meta tags for search engines to find your website. You can set up your email system internal to the website keeping all your emails inside your fully automated website and there is a notepad to keep your plans in the admin area, also a  resume PDF feature to save each resume, a subscription area for schools to view resumes at a price you organise from weekly, monthly or yearly subscription views and lot’s more. 

The prize comes with full support to help you set it up and go live online with advice on domain names and the recruitment website features. Interested people must can go to my members only Facebook Group from where I can show you a 40+ slide presentation on the website’s functions. Imagine you have your online website or landing page and a fully functional recruitment website from the competition and all the information on how to recruit student and teachers from my training courses.

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