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Teaching Students Online – Build an Online Business


Write Your Own Content

Write your own content and make it professional and easy to understand with  my free online business opportunities for you right here on TEFL Art. I know that this sounds hard to believe when your told that professional in-depth content is the best method for getting an audience it’s not always true for example for me, I once wrote a report about management of manufacturing systems and it was worded in a difficult context and to a point that when I later read it I felt that it was far too much to understand for the basic reader to understand my website content. Think about writing a report on your blog or website about teaching Chinese students online because I feel  there are millions of students waiting to be taught. Make sure you word it correctly and easy to understand because you’ll improve your audience ten fold if you begin to write reports and content accurately to improve the way people learn from you. It’s sometimes a good idea to create free online business courses to wet your customers appetite and show them you care about what they receive from you training material.

That goes out for most websites on the internet these days that are successful, they are successful because they are easy to understand and well written for many audiences. Imagine teaching English to Chinese students online and how to find your Chinese students . I know that if you’re an expert at your niche you can write content in a more professional and lengthy way but be careful to not lose your audience early after two sentences with in-depth information. Prepare a free online business plan for your customers just like what I’m writing for you here on TEFL Art. Please think about getting straight to the point and telling your audience what’s on offer if your selling something be it yourself, your products, learning materials such as courses whatever you sell be truthful and accurate for example you wouldn’t want to sell something that is irreverent to what a person is looking for but more free legitimate online business content just like what I’m writing on TEFL Art to show you how it’s done.

You’ll find a far better audience, customer or fan base of a blog or website if your interesting, honest, fun and above all professionally adapted to write about a subject such as teaching Chinese students online or creating online lesson plans and when you expand into other niches such as teaching Spanish students online you are branching out and effectively beginning to think about more business for yourself. These are just business opportunities that will drive your online forward more when your thinking about expanding . Find students or customers for your product or service think about classified ads in local newspapers or magazines to tell your local potential customers what your selling be it a service or product. You can also write a page on your website that is content based with a clear message of what you are selling using great keywords to niche your market. For example, you could write a report on teaching English as a Foreign Language and the benefits of teaching abroad or even better you could write about teaching online and how it allows you to travel around the world. Teaching classes online allows you to run a business from anywhere that is effective for your lessons and the students learning needs.

This is one of my favourites, finding students or even other teachers that may want to teach for you if you decide to create an online agency. You could write a blog about how you became a professional online agency or how you found students via your blog and landing page attached to your subscription form on your blog. Showing your strength or authority through blogging is the key method to been in a winner situation for your business. The more your on to a winner the more you can write about it. Teaching classes online is easier than you may think if you think about it carefully and have all the needed equipment and technology to remain professional, fun and motivated at all levels of your business. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if your able to learn about search engine optimisation from where you’ll get you website or blog ranked on the major search engines. If your now feeling worried just look at the content your reading here and follow my instructions and let your writing flow with motivation and remember all the good times in your life as a professional In anything you know more about than others be it a profession, a hobby or a niche like me that succeeded through failure to come out the other side with all the fantastic articles I’m delivering for you today. I could gather all my hard times in teaching but those were not bad times, more learning episodes of my life that I brushed aside to become successful as I am today and proud of it.

Travel Blogging – Get a Great Mentor

Travel blogging is huge on the internet now from where I have been mentored in the past by the owner of the world’s most successful blog and travel writer. I started this course that lasted a year in the form of a competition to win a holiday to Bali and even though I didn’t win I was successful In learning a lot about making a professional blog and marketing it hence I’m able to use what I have learned each and every day in my plans for success online today. I decided I wanted to become just like my mentor and learn about new niches each day to branch out to find more and more success online. I believe that if you want to teach English as a Foreign Language and teach classes online you can set it up like any other online business that follows the true needed direction to find success. You could write scores of posts about teaching English in China or other countries around the world and find that dedication to achieve in writing about your times as a teacher around the world, tell us about your travels, the places you have been and the beautiful, temples, beaches, forests and rivers you have seen. Tell me in comments about your life and how things have changed for you since travelling and been involved in education watching students grow into something as successful as you could have imagined.

Methods of Finding Students

Teaching English online to foreign students is a great job to have and many have told me that it allows so much more freedom. There are other methods of finding students such as joining forums from where you can get concrete advice about niches that interest you and you can also find students on student forums with students searching for teachers. Remember that you can round up your niche to a subject that your excellent at teaching and choose to teach about that with a few posts about it on your blog. One example could be a social science class that can cover a lot about the ways we live, how we can improve as humans in life and what we must do to make such improvements in our own countries. It could also cover how people are living in various countries, something students want to learn about so they one day can travel abroad to the places you have taught them about.

When you have enough students you can think about doing online group classes where students go out and tell their family members and friends about your classes allowing you to charge for each student in the group whichever suits you and your business make it grow. Students can also find more students for you from their school helping your business grow an for a good price with a deduction in price for group classes. Who knows one day you might even be on a huge projector teaching a class of students as is the way tuition in some schools is going with live feeds these days hence hurry up and jump onto education online as a business.

When students complete a course with you consider offering them a reference for recognition for them to find a job or further their studies at university or higher education departments because this will help you gain praise from them helping them achieve even more from your lessons and online courses. You could implement certification into your business structure where each student gets an appraisal and a certificate for their abilities and achievements.

If you travel with your business your most likely going to meet many international people from around the world from where you can up your game and offer them lessons expanding your service to those you meet. You can teach from any location with an internet connection if it’s appropriate and quiet for you to hear your students and to not be upsetting the locals. remember its all about tact and talking to people before you dive into make choices so speak to people about what you want and how you can help them and offer people beneficial advice about how your service and products can help them and where it can lead them if they were to approve or agree with you. Your business away from the internet could include giving out surveys from where you can collect emails and names of those that are interested to learn from you. Surveys are a fantastic way to achieve a lot with your business where you can collect reviews and comments about your services or products.

Expand your Business – Learning the Techniques

Add a continuous stream of products to your business such as eBooks, presentations, videos and course content. You can sell more services to your current customers and offer them more with the niche you are teaching them in language development or digital services. You can easily complete this action by implementing more email campaigns to your product launches from where you can add new landing pages to collect emails from your new products or services that you may want to sell online. Create new funnels for marketing to sell your new products or services so that you can have a system in your business that sells for you. The five Offer Funnel is great for launches due to it been a system that completes most of your marketing needs for you. You can also offer down priced products after your first campaign if you’re thinking about working on a new niche.

Make videos for marketing as much as you can, continuously and try to keep ahead of your game so that you don’t have to create 20 videos in one weekend. I make videos for campaigns that I have already in place just in case I want to add to training for customers that want more information and I can use my videos for marketing later for other products or services. If you’re interested in building a continuity into your Five Offer Funnel you can make the videos that are sent out at say 8 videos a month for a set price with an eBook that explains about the videos. Your continuity, the last step in your marketing funnel is good for creating a monthly subscription where members of your Facebook group and your mailing list that are already customers can pay monthly for training from you.

Basically, you’ll need to make a continuous number of videos to save you time in the long run and if you already have a business so you understand how many videos are needed for the complete training course. if your not interested or camera shy just continue to write articles as much as you can and have them listed on Google for your business to flourish and gain momentum. The goal is to enjoy what you do. I’m shy at making videos but when I actually make them I’m like a master at them or at least I believe I am that’s how motivated I am and need to be for success. There will be videos on this website in the following weeks for extra training and for fun and even marketing ideas so look forward to them.

Business Marketing Techniques

To expand your business in teaching English as a foreign language try targeting other markets to get an idea of what other niches you can enter into your training such as the levels of English you can teach such as kindergarten, college or university students. You can study a market that you want to connect to and expand your business as much as see fit. For example if your teaching a language online try selling courses such as kids’ books or handouts that are visually attractive to the eye and fun. You can draw up a thousand ideas when you are in the mood and choose the ones that you think are needed, fun to do, interesting to customers and take less time to complete. Become a complete professional at what you want to achieve so others can learn from you and allow you to run an excellent lucrative business as you give them ideas just as I am for you today.

Find out what other marketers are doing that already own a business and work on ideas that can achieve more with your hard work in making your added ideas even better for your own customers. Don’t copy content but make it better so that your business gets ahead of its competitors. Read lots of books that relate to the business your building and get used to learning from the books. One of my favourite books to date is Jeff Walkers, ‘The Launch’ that builds you up to your first launch by using an authoritative feel to writing content on your website’s pages and your email campaigns. If you read this book you’ll be learning far more about the Product Launch Formula that has been a means tested technique for years for online businesses that have made millions.

Think about sourcing your work and getting various content written for you by professional writers. This might sound expensive, but you can find freelancers on Fiverr who are more than willing to write for you for a fee some as less as $20. Don’t work to much alone and find time for relaxing so that you don’t burn yourself out with work and become a recluse. It’s easier to do work on your business when your active and refreshed and ready to place some valuable time into it. I take breaks quite often especially when I’m struggling to place sentences together and nine times out of ten if I relax, I often am able to write an in-depth eBook in a few days and I can count on it been an excellent resource for starting an online business.

Thank You for taking time to read this article to improve your future for becoming an online business creator and owner. You will become successful and ready to sell your niche to the billions of people searching for your product as an online entrepreneur with the best direction and motivation needed for online business ownership with a continued succession of results from where you can monetise your whole business and live life to the max.

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