Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Online Teaching – The Future


I want you to decide what’s right for your future and not lose out to the internet’s mass of failures. My first ever commitment to travelling and working abroad as a teacher and life as a full-time
traveller was a big decision. I had simply had enough of the mundane normal 9-5 job at home and decided to leave and make a new life and it had nothing to do with teaching the English language for free to fellow travellers even though that helped on my travels. An advantage of online teaching is there is no red tape involved unless a degree is needed but that will be the work for you to finalise and show and prove that you have one but that’s a schools decision in making a degree mandatory or not for you to continue your employment with them. Classroom teaching abroad is becoming far tougher with new laws and government regulations especially in countries such as China so is it not more obvious to think about owning your own teaching English online business.

Teaching in class requires long winded necessities so In summary, what the new China Z visa requirements entail for new and existing British teachers in China is access to your degree and TEFL certificates, Getting a criminal record check, processing time of at least two weeks (add a month if you need a duplicate certificate from your university) At least £150 in fees (based on one degree certificate, one TEFL certificate, and a criminal record check). The list goes on with more and more obstacles been placed on classroom teachers in the future hence not many will be making the choice to move to China because of the mentioned red tape unless the waiting game isn’t against the time the teacher is willing to give to be able to make the move. I just telling you to portent you against all the odds that may be up against you especially if it’s the time to be employment is something you need sooner than later perhaps for travel or the fact you just need to be in work for the cash as soon as possible.

Now you have some ideas for motivation it’s time to move on to the next step in finding a level to work at without getting stressed, tired or even worse bored. You don’t want to be spending 24 hours a day around the clock working online. Remember most of your business needs can be completed as a full business in no time. Remember your health is more important when building a business, something I understand after a car crash in 2017 caused from tiredness. Even large amounts of money can’t solve our health problems sometimes and it’s up to us to take care of ourselves and our teams every day. It’s better to complete a task and have it taken longer than destroying your health which in honesty can leave you with no business at all.

The fact that you can work from anywhere will be your motivation so don’t burn out to soon. Are your original plans to travel around the world or work from the comfort of your own home realistic? If not it’s all about patience from where you can limit and control your time. Control the time to work and the time you have for fun, also the time for sleep. You will learn 100% more from true vision for your online teaching business if you stick with a healthy plan. You can teach English online easily with the right set up and approach.

You’ll be motivated with a fierce competitive edge to be the best in what you do. Eventually you will set the standards for what is achievable, what your students pay for each lesson and what online teachers can earn. Essentially set the bar for results to motivate and encourage your teams (Maybe Your Teachers) on how much money they can earn. Personally, If I were you, I would be extremely overwhelmed with excitement knowing that you could be the driving force for people to travel and work abroad with financial freedom from a business you own if you want to take this route to live and work from anywhere in the world with teachers that work for you. From here you can achieve so much for them. Belief in such freedom to work and travel around the world is a powerful thing, and the pursuit of a belief is to manifest it into reality. To pursue something implies that it already exists. Which means your choice to pursue is the creation of the dream you are grasping for. Pursuing your dreams means rejecting the claim that something is impossible. Dream of Success & Search for Wisdom is a meaning that means you never stop learning even as a teacher and business wise your achievements will flourish.

In all areas of life, we use communication even with English language lessons at a lower level we are are constantly learning as a teacher and for some it’s a natural aspect of learning and teaching together in knowing that teaching English as a second language leaves the door open to new horizons for both teacher and students in reality all are learning and this allows correspondence, new friendships and above all begins a new path to the future to an understanding of another person or group. The world is a small place, a place we all challenge to coordinate and drive forward our future and that of others to find success to help them speak a new language.

People might mention that English is easy, and some say it’s a developed language that has been overused for reason of expression in media and politics. I want you to join hands here and listen to what I have to say about learning another language. I have far more friends across the world for teaching English, I have never had a bad student because I see that each student is different from the last but can achieve  just as much or more. I miss teaching students so much with the smiles of success of language learning that sometimes I want to return to doing exactly what I originally went out to do 20 years ago and succeeded in doing so to educate and have fun, create a new life for myself and also make students understand that learning the true attributes of English really opens door to a new future. I’ve found foreign students from China have much love of grammar and English language grammar in general is something they know they need to grasp onto hence they work hard at the challenges faced in class to achieve at the highest level.

I’ve crossed over now to a system of life called the internet to deliver new articles just like this one to help people just like you to find life streams, friends and above all success, a success I want to share with you today. I think your open minded at this point to question.  I’m going to ask you to think about becoming a teacher at the level you are comfortable teaching at or learning more about and I’m asking you to reach out to me so that I can teach you right here to give you that motivation to own your own business as a teacher online or even just to help you find that motivation to teach even in class it’s totally up to you and the balls in your court from here because I feel you are already motivated.

My business is called TEFL Art (Teaching English as a Second Language) a business that cares about the world’s future in communication. If you’re at a level where you think you can teach English then go for it at a level your happy, help your students understand the core basics of grammar, expression and development. Please think about commenting and joining in the conversation here where I’m going to show you how to set yourself up as a teacher where you will have fun, feel energetic and meet international people from all over the world. I’m going to be pushing some articles out about online business setup from where you can comment and join in on the conversation. I have even designed an online course for you to grab via email so that you can achieve far faster and in order. Please keep returning here to find out more in 2020 from where I’ll be delivering my training articles right here for you to read from time to time. I’ll be talking more about teaching the English language. Remember the English language is one of the most widely spoken language around the world with 1.5 billion speaking it and there are far more that want to learn it our of the 6 billion remaining wherever they may live.

The next step is to join in on my comments here on TEFL Art regardless of your race, colour or creed, English language was never supposed to be sold or used for meaningless attributes, the same for any other language around the world. I’m chasing the way English is going to be taught around the world and I’m sharing my ideas, so get on board and I’ll teach you in the next few weeks how to set up you own business in language development or just enlighten you about anything English language related.

That’s right I’m going to unlock my new formula to language learning online starting from the foundations. Get your travel goods on order today so that you can think about moving around the world with your business. TEFL Art is about building an online business or even reading my articles from where you can learn lots about the English teaching environment . I’ve listed a fantastic KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack 17.3 Inch XL Heavy Duty Computer Backpack with Hard Shelled Saferoom RFID Pockets Water-Repellent Business College Daypack Stylish School Laptop Bag for Men/Women-Black

These two products work fantastic together and offer security and comfort for your travel of writing articles just like I’m doing for you today on TEFL Art. You simply can’t go wrong with starting your very own business early by getting to grips with working and travelling abroad. It really doesn’t matter if your ready to travel at this time or not but it’s great to get used to been able to take your business needs with you where ever you go to begin building a website just like this one or writing tons of articles that complement your niche and business if its education based or not.

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Editor – Stephen Peter Jones