Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Stay Safe Abroad – Custom Moped Helmets

Living and teaching abroad is an excellent lifestyle don’t get me wrong but some of the prolonged indulgences of the foreigner (Did I call you a foreigner) tend to lean more towards having far to much fun over the well-being and safety of themselves and friends. It’s amazing having the wind blow through your hair and the excitement of going fast and overtaking other motorcyclists but please listen to my story.

I lived in Thailand for over four years in total and have some great memories but there were also some grim times to which at most related to the safety aspects of life and bad decisions which at most came from the Thai laid back approach to life. Don’t forget that those that have lived in a country of citizenship all their life may have far more know-how than you meaning just because they may do things that may seem unrealistic and unsafe doesn’t mean you have to be unrealistic as safety goes too.

I know I’m sounding a little brash, but I wish you the best holiday and life overseas if you’re an ex-pat just like I was because I had some unreal times and never wore a helmet until I saw the accidents. I bought a cool custom motorcycle helmet with the Union Jack on it and a visor which was good for dust thrown up off the road and not going in my eyes or getting massive amounts of water in my face during the Songkran festival.

I’ve seen many deaths in Thailand and even lost a friend whom I respected a lot as a teacher, and I’ve seen many accidents that derive from been intoxicated on a moped. I’ve seen limbs hanging off, heads almost hanging off and legs facing the opposite way around all for a kick and this was mostly foreigners during the famous Songkran festival where water is thrown over you whether you like it or not. It’s great fun if you’re not on a moped. In saying that in Vietnam I saw a whole family wiped out on a moped with five people on it and believe me that shook me up and made me think twice about getting on a moped without a helmet.

There are hundreds if not thousands of international travel safety tips on websites but I’m going to round it down to always wear a customer motorcycle helmet or at least a small helmet that can take the impact of solid concrete if you fall off a motorcycle. If you thinking it’s not trendy to wear a helmet think about getting a professionally painted one with a customer motorcycle helmet painting just to relieve you of the embarrassment of having your head tucked away safe instead of what seems like everyone else is doing without one.

I mean it’s easy to stick with travel safety tips and by wearing a custom bike helmet you’re going to live longer trust me on that one. Like I said there are many custom motorcycle designs to fit your choice and you can even go that step forward by getting a small helmet camera as you’ll have many a laugh watching the footage after an afternoon in Bangkok driving around. Look at my custom motorcycle sale and choose your helmet before you make that one bad choice of driving or being a passenger without one. All proceeds from sales on this website go into creating more articles for the future and allows me to bring you more information about life overseas and living and teaching abroad. My last word on this is towards the quality of helmets you can buy overseas in the countries that fail at most to hold up laws about wearing a custom motorcycle helmet. It’s far better to order from places that take safety as the main reason for selling so that all laws are passed to sell them.

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