The Future of TEFL Recruitment

The recruitment industry overall is on a new horizon, one that should revolutionize the core requirements of success for a recruiter, a teacher, the school and the country that receives the education source through language development.  I have personally looked at several aspects of how we are to teach English in the future as a requirement of strategically placed teachers that can deliver a lesson with projects that include environmental awareness and what we can do to improve our future thinking of changing the world and its environment, something that comes from the basic elements of education from all levels in all countries. 

I have included an environmental awareness blog that highlights such dimensions of learning a language with environmental awareness and a structure to defeat the language barrier through social science with English at its core routes to teach a mindset that works at all levels for environmental improvement. You can view the environmental project on my blog list on the main blog page.

I want to mention that the future of marketing could be better developed by creating a more direct niche such as Business English or University on a TEFL Art platform but no more than one niche on each of your websites if you choose more than one platform from me because the key focus is to concentrate on a funnel marketing strategy for that niche which I will cover in my future community training courses. It's fine to consider all levels of TEFL recruitment levels on one platform such as a university, college, kindergarten, language school or government school but it's a really good idea to concentrate on one niche at a time and when you’re ready I will deliver you a new platform for one of those niche marketing in teaching English.

Niche Recruiters of English Teachers Worldwide

The Niche model used in the best form concentrates on future global economies and has two drivers for teachers that need to be found as rare skilled candidates to gain a degree of exclusivity about your chosen niche, the one you choose such as business English for your recruitment business, the choice is yours.  This can all be managed from your website's admin area that I have included in your business. Of course, not everything is about the economy but if your business as a recruiter becomes successful you are then aiming at the top end of the market. 

Schools will want to pay more for your teachers if you concentrate on a unique recruitment strategy that develops an exclusive service that cares about the future of the student and their countries future economic development from your service in provision of such teachers that can nurture and provide a fantastic successful, happy and energetic student that can grasp the understanding of the English language to succeed and communicate to win not just for themselves but for their countries future in education.

I have had the privilege to teach this in various schools and more recently my social studies and work groups were extremely successful, and I was intrigued to see some of my Chinese students standing in front of the whole class and relate, construct and implement a whole business plan and concentrate on some key aspects of solving problems in English. I can relate to my students and bring them together and place them in key roles.

I know how students work together, in groups and also individually and this takes time but when the students learned from my lessons they became teachers themselves to other students in the class to bring them into the lessons requirements to complete the tasks and smile when I told them that each of them could achieve the lesson plan.

 I knew they could achieve this together and I did mention that no student is left out in my lessons and I never forget the times when they looked at me at the beginning of the lesson and said I don't understand the lesson teacher and yes my recruiter gave me the chance to break those barriers and of course I knew one day I could show others to recruit too.

It all sounds impossible but, in the future, it's not about just finding a teacher that has a degree in any field it's about a teacher that can research more than one topic at any time in any class or level to succeed and then you can sell the rare skilled candidates to the highest bidder because your decision in your interview process or resume calculation on a teacher’s personality will soon be the core driver of your business. 

Your teachers will not only stay with your recruitment business as their recruiter because the schools will be sure to be needing your services on a much more longer lasting business agreement if your able to recruit not the best, more the teachers you can imagine that can achieve through there own lessons because as we know a teacher is always learning and those that learn to drive a lesson in the most controlled smooth and understandable way always shine with their students for their next school if you wish to send them to another fantastic location. It's a recruiter that needs to recruit with this in mind that a teacher may or may not want to use your service, something I will teach you if your willing to choose my website and platform for your business.

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