Sun. Mar 1st, 2020

Live a Good Life Abroad – Healthy Lifestyle

Living and working overseas is a fantastic experience especially if you listen to my healthy living tips here on TEFL Art. There are many foreigners that forget to remember that health is an important part of making lots of money as a teacher compared to the local teacher and also building on a good resume for an even better position as a teacher in the future. Partying it up every-night for me was to blame so I’ve been there and had to make lots of alterations to my life to ask myself that one question What is living a good life overseas? in order for me to recover. Late nights and partying at the time seemed like the norm for me and let’s face it everyone else was were doing it.

Deep down inside I knew at some point I would come to a problem. There are many healthy life habits that we can think about which means reducing the amount of time in clubs, pubs, and bars by spending more quality time at home and trips around the country such as the beautiful beaches, forests, waterfalls, mountains and Buddhist escapes for good karma. I did lots of travelling don’t get me wrong at the beginning of my life in Thailand something I should have continued with so read more about my lifestyle and how I become better, wiser and more adaptable to what the country had on offered to live a good life abroad.

In Thailand, I had a beautiful condominium with a great view of both sides of the balcony. On the one side there was a wonderful lake and on the other side a full view of Bangkok in the distance so I felt I had it all. I had all the entertainment needs such as satellite TV, a PC, laptop and Huge TV for my nights in which in all realism did not happen much. To find a better improved healthy lifestyle I had to think about how my habits with my lifestyle at that time were affecting my work. I was fine at work but I could have done better with days off to recover from nights out in the city and to be honest I held it up well considering. Others around me didn’t and I saw the sign but let me mention I’m a good person in terms of friendship and never forget the people I worked with and miss them lots because that is what I’m like I miss people that I worked with and spent time with over the years. There were times I felt that I should hold back and do my own thing hence friendships became less and socializing decreased even more because I asked myself one question and that was how to live a good life.

I had to think back about the people I worked with and friendships outside of work such as the time my birthday arrived and over 30 people came along for dinner and a party in the local outdoor market. I had a wonderful time and at that time I was on top of the world. I use this memory as a reinforcement of how things should have been all the time. This is what I did all the time when I was in a bad area of my life to remember the good times with good friends and great memories at school joking around and creating a good working environment for the students, this is how to build on a good healthy lifestyle to make more friends and feel wanted and always stay in contact with them regardless of the situation, this is what helps you to create good healthy life habits.

As mentioned I’m a good guy and love nothing more than spending time with friends which is important when in a faraway country so I’m asking you to consider always staying in touch with friends when overseas from both sides of the Atlantic. Friends are important and help you overcome problems if they are considerate and warming to your views. I had a friend that offered me health insurance specially adapted for foreigners and was run by a foreigner and gave me that positive feeling of been covered if I came into any health issues. 

Health insurance is important but let mention if you’re on a good salary you can get by with visiting hospitals that are affordable but don’t let that drive you away from having at least some coverage. I was lucky in most respects and did visit hospitals on a few occasions but that was when I was partying hard and falling over or banging my head on something all things that are not part of the reason for writing this article its more about thinking and planning for a healthy lifestyle above all other needs.

Let me leave you with another example of How to leave a good life abroad. Don’t spend hours and hours on the internet there are some beautiful places to visit and people to meet out there in the real world. I had several internet-based businesses but none of them worked because I was simply worn out with it all and it was leading me away from friends. One of my businesses was a hotel booking website for hotels in Thailand and I was making bookings but I gave up due to too much partying in between. Think about the original reason you went overseas and the places you always wanted to go and stick with them until you have been to all of them.

So what is living a good life overseas about and where can it lead you? Making friends and sharing moments abroad is a good reason to be happy much more than trying to build a business online in another country. If you are building a business that is monetized and able to bring you in an income that’s brilliant and believe me it’s something I know a lot about even if it’s not always utilised I’ve been there to know what it’s like. Build on a healthy lifestyle full of surprises keeping you in contact with your surroundings and nurture your lifestyle into something that is exciting and rewarding that way your life overseas will be fantastic with many great things to look forward to. Memories help you heal over time when you think back at the wonderful lifestyle you lived when one day you think back and wonder what everyone is doing now.