Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Teaching English Overseas – The Facts

English Teaching Overseas – Should We be Respected More?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language has changed me in many ways, I’m more confident and able to stand in front of a class of any size and introduce a lesson plan that has either been ready written by the school or by myself. There is lots to be learned from lesson planning and creation of excellent learning materials for students with the introduction of themes and subjects such as hobbies and travel. Students love to hear about travel and the freedom of a teacher that has travelled for years. Students love to hear about the lifestyle we have back in the west and how we live our daily lives.

Travel for teachers overall is the main reason for teaching with long school holidays and the chance to jump on the plane to a neighbouring country which for most teachers is cheap, affordable and easy to plan. The beauty of teaching is that it gives you a status and even though teachers in some schools are not regarded as  important due to the countries or schools culture I believe a teacher should be treated with the highest respect the students often treat them. Over the years I’ve come across schools that have not taken the safety aspects and tuition needs for the students to heart and I’ve been involved as a teacher that cared more about his students than the actual school. After all most schools that have high induction programs cost a lot to enrol into and have little or no worry of the actual true reason for been in business. In saying that I’ve worked at schools that are 100% aware of the importance of been in business and the very fact that students are to be at a good level of tuition each year to move on with success both at home and in their future as  working professionals. I am sure most of my students were extremely successful after the hard-caring attitude I gave them to move on and succeed.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language opens doors with many opportunities for extra work either online of after school with extra lessons. If parents like their kid’s English teacher, it’s well known that the school management should know this and reward the teacher with what he/she deserves but some schools would rather not reward at all and take the pride via management not teacher. I’ve worked at one school that does not seem to bother to to much about teacher motivation and reward but I never feel a need to name and shame as some websites so often do because that is not what this website is all about it’s more about the motivational aspect of learning and teaching English along with reading articles from myself and other writers that have information they wish to share to other teachers around the world on this website in the form of comments..

Teaching isn’t becoming easier unless you have a great recruitment program to get you to the best schools with a solid, well-structured contract that covers all needs not just what is expected of the school but more the English teacher and the teams that are involved in tuition overall. TEFL Art has implemented a training program for learning how to teach online and make a business of it. I’ve personally spent a lot of time building content for teachers that want to teach online owning their own business. I’ve also been working on a recruitment business from where teachers can upload resumes and choose which country, they want to teach which is downloaded as a professional file for schools around the world to view.

The basic facts are simple about teaching English overseas, it gives you a better self-belief that you can travel the world and it gives you the motivation that you need to find better jobs at the end of each contract unless you’re lucky and get a super contract with a great team and school management recognition. On the downside of teaching there really isn’t too much worry about if you’re a teacher that wants to learn as much as your students from each lesson you deliver. A teacher is always learning and should grow from strength to strength each lesson to enable a better more interesting lesson repeatedly.

I was lucky at the beginning of my teaching experience I had a good start to teach to businesses around Bangkok which gave me the motivation with constant offered jobs internal to some businesses English department for sales. I worked at some high-class jobs but wasn’t paid what i should have been so quit and ended up at a school for three to four years. You see sometimes it’s better to hold on to what you have other than search for more to see how it goes because for me personally I believe I would now be working in a business in Bangkok in a more challenging and rewarding role not that teaching didn’t give me that but more I would have been far more advanced at an early stage but I never took up on various opportunities that were offered.

TEFL Art however has allowed me to show my readers and customers that wish to be a part of what I’m working on to get a head start. Just by reading my posts on here and answering makes me motivation-ally aware to post back to show you the learning curbs about my decisions perhaps a place where you should be either teaching or travel related. I chose teaching as a means of been able to travel more than a means to climb the ladder, but I ended up in so many different countries I can only just become a writer about it now. Sure, there have been some shenanigans and so many twists to the stories but at most they were positive and made me who I am today.