1. FREE OPT - IN TRAINING - Free Online Business Motivation eBooks

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That's right, I'm giving away around 10 months work for free to guide you into owning your own online teach your niche business with my free opt-in training as menetioned in the list below. there are presentations, two eBooks and marketing posters and lot more to get you started. I will later release my 20 plus videos to teach you how to build a business without worrying about paying to much to get it strated.

Free Online Business Reading Material

  1. Online Business Breakdown.
  2. Automation eBook – Making your business run on automatic.
  3. Fully functional recruitment & online shopping cart Presentation (Competition).
  4. Why I use Facebook Advertisements.
  5. Introduction to the Four & Five Offer Funnel (Marketing).
  6. Four offer funnel timeline poster.
  7. Online business checklist – Check what you need to do.
  8. Online teaching development and motivation eBook.
  9. Understanding the Authority of your business.
  10. Why build a teaching online business.