Training Course 1 - Free Opt-In Training! -

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Free Opt-In offer with a free eBook about creating an online teaching business, Win an Online Store &  Fully Automated 40+ function Recruitment Website. Read about how much an online agency and teaching website can earn at early stages and watch a presentation about TEFL Art's competition with rules and regulations. Read about website and business automation making everything run for you with little effort working from the comfort of your own home with hours that suit you or on your travels around the world. Also a report about why we use Facebook for our adds and setup your own adds campaign for your future online teaching business.

What you get for free!

1. Online Teacher training (Business) Breakdown - Work less earn more!.

2. TEFL Art Business Automation eBook.

3. TEFL Art Competetion Prize Breakdown - Winner.

4. Why we use Fcaebook adds free introduction. 

When you have read and understood the free Opt-In your path is cleat to move on into the competition to win a fully automated recruitment website and an online shopping cart from TEFl Art Ltd. Your next step is to purchse the next part of the training for £29.00. Here's what you get:

1. Learn about the Four Offer Funnel - Plan marketing around your business.

2. Four Offer Funnle eBook.

3. Onlibe business checklist - Do it Right!.

4. Online business development plan.

5. Undetstand the authority of your business - Your Know How!.

6. Why teachihg has become a great niche.

I'll also talk about branding in the Facebook Group so that your business not only looks professional it becomes a part of the whole reason to build it into a fully functional business that looks good and ttracts custome