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Expected Teacher Behaviour – The Adaptability Process

The Behaviour Process

Most people will mention that they are worried about taking the leap in teaching and travelling overseas. The language barrier for most is a hurdle but let me explain to you that been a teacher does not mean speaking your students language because if students know your level of their language they won’t learn English as fast but more talk to you in their own language and waste your time. Students are not to blame for this it’s normal to strike a conversation with anyone at the best of time who speak the same language as you. It feels even more amazing when it’s two people from different countries speaking to each other to communicate and learn from each other in one language . In saying that students love to speak English especially when they have reached a stage they are able to communicate continuously because they know at that level they’re able to hold a conversation to get what they want in terms of questions answered for them to improve in their studies. There are many different forms of adaptability that show your interest in the classroom or online as teacher. The expected outcomes formula shows that there is a path to follow to reach a level that students are comfortable with when learning each different outcome designed to help them reach out towards a new area of studies to strengthen their ability.

To define adaptability you only have to think about how important it is for the students to adapt and reach the correct level at the end of each term or school year. Sure you can be flexible about the  adaptability process as long as the main reason for the outcome has been covered for each student. An example of this could be when a student has reached an certain  area of grammar  studies and lesson content where they are able to describe which grammatical use of the English language has been utilised to come to a certain area of their coursework and which area of grammar has been utilised to reach this point of learning in general. The higher expected outcomes for higher level students may mean them explaining to the teacher why a certain grammatical area has been covered and to what effect it has on the lesson’s requirements. There are many examples of a teachers and students adaptability such as a teachers adaptability to teach problematic students, students that have learning disabilities, students that have health problems and also students that struggle with learning in numbers in a class over many students. The list can be endless but a good teacher that has fantastic adaptability in the classroom or online can always be counted on to teach a variation.

Learning languages opens many doors such as friendship, an understanding of another person’s feelings and even employment and should be open to more people in general which I believe will come from the vast number of students now learning online from all over the world. An English teacher should possess many different attributes  to define adaptability for both themselves and the English teacher that comes from studying and learning about different cultures and people around the world. You’ll be paid lots of respect if your able to talk about such things as the Great China Wall or any historical places of the world especially to students that wish to learn from you as it shows you have gone out and studied and learned about their country or even other countries in order for them to proceed with learning English. It’s great to make your lessons touch on a little social science to get the students more interested showing the true meaning of adaptability as a teacher for the benefit of students in the classroom or online for them to learn far more about other countries. There is a curriculum in schools overseas that you must stick to and the learning materials included which has been prepared for you to teach. In some ways if your a teacher that doesn’t like lesson planning it’s right up your street if such materials haven’t been implemented. I’m the kind of person in this situation to add my own content to the already created lesson plan or course content to make it more interesting even more so if I have to teach it over and over again. This shows the flexible adaptability for the school and it’s curriculum overall and means that the school and teacher reaches a level of understanding and momentum to reach the overall definition of what the students expected outcomes means in terms of learning at a pace that suits the teacher and school for continued success.

English teachers must think about the importance of been able to make a great future in language development for students overseas and should possess many important attributes from where the main goal is to manage a class or an online lesson to maximise on every single lesson for your students’s future. Teachers that abide or listen to what I have written in my articles should be thinking that you want to give it a shot and why not it is one of the best feelings ever to teach English as a Foreign Language . I know you can do this because I want you to know the feeling when you have completed a lesson and the students are willing to learn more and more from you with a smile when you are implementing as much fun into each lesson as you can. Students have a tendency to tell their friends and family about their learning capabilities and spread the word quickly about their new English teacher and how much they have learned opening up a far better future for you and of course the students. Read the list below and take not of each attribute for becoming a successful teacher of the English language overseas.

Patience. Remember that students are different. …

Adaptability. Teachers should adapt themselves to all students that they are handling. …

Openness. English teachers should be active listeners. …

Experience. Professionals should have a better understanding of the English language for them to impart skills to learners. …

Energy. Full of energy even if does mean your running around the classroom explained what a kangaroo dies……..

An English teacher should also have:

  • excellent spoken and written communication skills.
  • effective listening skills.
  • creative skills and ideas for planning practical and interesting lessons.
  • excellent planning and organisation skills.
  • a friendly and confident manner.
  • the ability to work well under pressure.
  • a flexible approach to work.

In Asia it’s a well-known fact that students love a well-dressed teacher that dresses accordingly to deliver language skills. Even if the school offers free dress choice to teachers such as international schools it should be smart casual, clean and clothes should be washed and clean and don’t forget a touch of body deodorant especially in hot countries. To many times over the years I’ve bumped into teachers that really look like they have just come back from a rugby or netball match meaning they are not thinking more about the thoughts of their students that at most dress smart and clean for their teachers and the school management.


Remember that students are different. Some of them learn quicker than others. Struggling students should be given more attention than fast learners but not so much so that it effects the level of the overall teaching outcomes. Thus, teachers should be very patient when dealing with students. Ideally, teaching should be done at a pace in which most students are comfortable with. They should avoid rushing through the coursework as this can discourage students from learning, especially if they are falling behind. There is always a time where you can leave more advanced students with more difficult course content until the less advanced students can play catch up. However this the expertise of the class teacher to organise the students in order of their level or expertise and utilise classroom time management accordingly to fit each students learning ability.


Teachers should adapt themselves to all students that they are handling. The approach used by professionals depends on the individual needs of students. They should keep track of their students’ progress throughout the sessions. Any approach or plan that isn’t working should be changed. There could be a time where you make handouts for various levels of learning in the class but keeping in mind that the weaker students should be bale to catch up soon. Please read my  Student’s Learning & Outcome Assessments – Improve Your Students


English teachers should be active listeners. Demonstrating their level of openness can make them more accessible and approachable by students. It is therefore imperative to listen to the individual needs of your students and come up with an effective plan. Offering comforting support to students can make them feel valued. Knowing your students is a vital need to delivering a lesson and its often seen by myself for example the less knowledgeable students often excel at the later part of term with a bit of encouragement.

Author – Stephen Peter Jones

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