Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Teaching English Abroad – The Challenges


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Goodness me how many challenges can possibly arrive at your doorstep with Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Let’s start with peer pressure from other teachers and how the kids get to love their lessons because you’re a new face and the assistant teachers like you because your well dressed, clean and always have a note pad ready for improvements not to mention your extra polite. Other teachers are more than likely nice too but can often take their own stance to show you they are the better English but it does not mean any problems for you. I take no notice of this by spending as much time as possible with the school admin and management so I can to learn how they run the school and what is expected of me as a foreign English teacher. There are many challenges teaching English abroad but most of them are something that can be overlooked and pushed aside as long as you are willing to go that extra mile to make it work for the school and of course yourself. Teaching English abroad opens up many opportunities for you from where you’ll have longer and more frequent holidays with jobs teaching English abroad. You’ll enjoy summer breaks of up to six weeks where you can travel to distant places of paradise or even the metropolis and big cities around the world. If your reading my articles and enjoying them your motivation is heading the right place because I want you to enjoy every single second of your working career as an online English teacher or international classroom teacher.

There are thousands of teaching English abroad jobs that require a degree in any field. For some teaching English without a degree is easy as they have done it for years but there are fewer places to choose from these days with the work permits asking for degrees for teaching English abroad programs. Always be ready for change from where there will be many teaching English abroad opportunities. With a new school it isn’t as easy when more and more is expected of you and your asked to prove your knowledge to the schools principle that highly regards you. If you keep your momentum going other teachers feel pressured at times as they too have to step up their game highlighting the challenges of teaching English abroad. You see other English teachers seem to have their own students to chill out with and provide the extra lesson and the students get to spend more time in class with them which is great.  The problem for some of your peer teachers is when students are learning far quicker from your lessons and they tell their friends, then before you know it everyone knows and they want to be in your class. It all seems to sort itself out eventually when you’re perhaps promoted  for been the favoured teacher to run the English program. At this point your an excellent teacher so never feel concerned about peer pressure when the student’s parents want their children to be taught by you.

As mentioned above learning even business English students acknowledge from their friends about your well-planned lessons and feel like they want to be in your class too. Remember in countries such as China its all about the money so no Matter where you teach try to become friends with everyone and teach to the best you can with a smile on your face showing your really having fun wanting your classes to achieve as best they can from your lessons as price for tuition can be expensive. If you enter into a teaching English Abroad program show your skills and compete to be the best especially when an international program. Business English students in China love to spend time with their teacher and often offer their teacher out for meals and drinks which sometimes can be a littler to much especially when its every other night but they seem to like to practice their English on the group evenings out and they love to introduce you to higher ranking individuals that join in on the nights adventures and me for there has been a lot, to many to mention in China.

I’ve taught at all levels and don’t think I’m better than other teachers and never had a problem getting great jobs in China. Know matter where I teach I just want to stand out and be the best that I can. I would rather comment on another teacher in a good way in turn offering them motivation and respect than be in competition which has happened in the past. Most students abroad like to have fun especially in countries like Thailand because its part of their culture and of course the younger ones get into mischief but it’s something I did when I was young so I never shout out to tell a student they are wrong more approach them and offer them some words of wisdom and then direct them to a better alternative than problem causing. You might want to read my expected outcomes post and read the part about student behaviour right here on Expected Outcomes for  students studying English.

As a teacher you should think about the visualisation of bringing all academic concepts to life in all lessons to tell the students if they learn as much as possible it may change a part of them forever even with senior students learning higher language specialities because it’s that cooperative learning that changes their lives when taught right. You as a teacher should think about Inquiry based teaching asking a student a question and letting them enquire about the question because they feel a part of the lesson. There is a differentiation in learning abilities and teaching such differences with upfront students that lose their confidence with pressure from other students that excel because each lesson should be a classroom joint venture that is what makes it work. Using the skills you have and the motivation I’m offering here is sure to improve your knowledge of Teaching English as a Foreign Language if your thinking about oriental or word travel or even a move to a new program and school  in the country you teach where your salary may double if you play your cards right. Basically wherever you go leave the job feeling you have done an excellent job teaching English abroad because that pride will lift you higher for your next position and all areas of your life will improve.

Implementation of learning technology means extra learning facilities in class or online. learning with technology at government schools isn’t always possible especially when Teaching English as a Foreign Language or at least not as much as a training centre. So it’s all done with a lesson plan to role-play certain aspects of language learning and even though behaviour in some schools can be bad it doesn’t mean to say that the students don’t want to learn because once they really get included into a lesson with their friends they will love your lessons. learning becomes exciting especially if they feel excepted into the lesson for them to learn more and look forward to the next lesson until before they know it its end of term. From here they have enjoyed their foreign language studies to think about the next term with the excitement needed in their English language studies. They will look forward to being with their teacher who they have become to like more than other teachers in the English school program or curriculum. It’s all about working with other teachers but knowing your the teacher everyone is talking about to teach them from where you have become favoured by the students making English lessons more important, fun and adaptable for the students to develop a new language while they enjoy the lessons each and everyday.

Professional development is as important as are student’s capabilities and each time that a teacher learns from a lesson as the students do the teaching opportunities for teaching at higher paid schools becomes far more possible and almost certain the more an English language teacher succeed at all levels. I’ve taught at a government school in Thailand where there were no rules or at least not in my class so to speak until I made the rules up myself from where the students really moved on with their studies. Every time I taught them there were social aspects that came into the equation which doesn’t mean to say you won’t be a good teacher but more understand their culture and the government school curriculum overall. Its professionalism and the core needs of students from where you adapt to your abilities, capabilities and teaching English environment overall with a whole lot of respect from the school management, fellow teachers, students and parents.

Stephen Peter Jones