Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Can you Teach English Overseas Without a Degree?

Can you Teach English Overseas Without a Degree?

A TEFL qualification is not always essential if you’re going to find work teaching English abroad without a degree but it will increase your chances of been hired at some point so don’t give up. You would have to think about the quality of the school and the laws that are attached to it or not if they are interested in you teaching there without either but you can quiz them with questions about the school if you are in contact with them and ask to speak to another one of their English teachers that has neither a degree or TEFL certificate. If you are a school looking for none degree holders but have a TEFL certificate please comment below in the comment form it’s all for a good purpose of finding the right schools that care.

If you’re looking for a school that has a none degree policy then this is your option and could be fine if you’re quiet about not having a degree and fit in with the other teachers. I would think about taking your TEFL and then taking the plunge into the none degree territory at least your teaching skills will be better, and you’ll fit into the school far easier with the skills you have.

Another problem you might encounter is the other teachers that have degree’s, masters or normal 4-year degrees been impolite to you because it’s common for those that have less qualifications to try harder and succeed hence the competition begins with degree holders and none degree holders and it only takes a whisper that you haven’t got a degree and the other teachers may use this as excuse to belittle you and make you less comfortable to continue your good work.

I think this is called jealousy but don’t knock me on that. However, this is rare, and I’ve only come across this a few times in blogs and articles in the past five years. The trouble starts when two teachers both none degree holders dispute about who’s the best teacher, believe me, this can be a handful from what I’ve researched from those that have been through such experiences. Most employers look for teachers to have a 120-hour TEFL qualification, so make sure you choose a course with at least those hours.

A TEFL course should be accredited and recognized worldwide. Like I said there are schools that require neither a degree or a TEFL certificate, but these are rare and not worth the hassle. My advice is simple, always be polite to other teachers regardless of their qualifications, be professional to all concerned, school management, school staff, and even the parents who at most want the teacher to be excellent and teach their kids at a good pace to develop in the English language under a time scale that the curriculum allows.

Do your research

Don’t waste time trying to apply for jobs in countries where you don’t meet the work visa requirements. It takes a few minutes to search on the internet to find such countries, so put in some research and save yourself some time before you head off. Work out where you want to teach, check you meet the visa requirements, and focus your job search.

Be flexible and patient

It may take slightly longer to line up a teaching job, but if you’re patient, put in the time and effort with job hunting and are flexible in where you are willing to teach, you should have no problem finding a suitable position. I’ll list countries below that will save you time in your job search so you can get straight to work on your favored country from the list.

Boost your CV

Make yourself a more competitive candidate with further qualifications, such as an Advanced TEFL course, or by gaining work experience through volunteering at home or abroad. You want to stand out – especially against other candidates who might have a degree – so going the extra mile will help you find work more easily.

Watch out for dodgy employers/recruiters & fake degrees

Watch out for dodgy employers and recruiters that throw in the promise you’ll be fine without a degree and never fall for the fake degree trick that might come across your way from places like Khou San Road, Thailand for a couple of thousand Baht. The Thai Government’s Permanent Secretary for Education warned those looking for an easy way to get a degree without going to university and using fake degree certificates could face jail. The warning follows a rise in fake degrees on the open market in Thailand including posting adverts on Facebook including a bachelor’s degree for 7,000 baht (£150), some of the adverts guaranteed the documents could be used to apply for jobs.