​Recruitment of English Teachers

Posted by Stephen Peter Jones on 26th Jun 2019

Recruitment of English Teachers

Considering teaching abroad and doing it are two completely different things as with anything! The wanderlust that inspires one to give up the comforts of home for a new life abroad might have you idealising a life and so it should be. Hundreds of participants have completed the TEFL program each year as hundreds of thousands of teachers set off abroad to paradise or big cities for fun and to start a new profession. I began my career teaching English in countries like Thailand, China, Bangladesh, and even as far away as I can remember I have travelled to over 36 countries and more than 80 cities in 25 years. I've spoken with lots of teachers to learn the most common expectations which at most was the ability to meet new like-minded teachers to hang out with and also to travel to lots of places. After college, recruiters tend to go into sales, which is stellar preparation for talking to and closing candidates. While some eventually get a master’s degree, it isn't a necessity - only about 1 in 5 recruiters has one.

Why Start an Online Teaching Business Now

It's a great time to become a recruiter because the market is competitive with schools paying far more for teachers from English speaking countries to teach their students more than ever before. China has a huge market for teachers at all levels and the high-end universities are looking for specialist teachers that are paid far more than their counterparts. In the future North Korea will open their borders more for a massive amount of teachers to hit their shores and even today their positions available there but the big wave is to come in the future as they must learn English to communicate with the west and learn more about us.

You’ve arrived - The Recruiting Portal (TEFL Art LTD)

Once you become a recruiter, you start to acquire many skills that don’t directly relate to recruiting. These include training, customer service, talent management, and employee relations. To become a top recruiter, leadership and strategy are the essential soft skills you’ll need - those are the two fastest growing skills of top recruiters that aren’t found on the list in hiring managers as you influence hiring decisions. As a external recruiter you time is the essence due to the fact that as long as you build up your teams under you to recruit for you, then you can sit back at earn and learn each day as it suits you.