My Personal Development Plan

Posted by Stephen Peter Jones on 22nd Jun 2019

My Personal Development Plan

Welcome to my Personal Development Plan, an important requirement when selecting a teacher as a recruiter or school is to be able to determine if the teacher can create a plan both before, during and after the school each term and the contracted year. My Personal Development Plan was implemented during the initial teaching phase at an International school and was a fantastic realistic plan that enabled me to utilise the skills that I had learnt over time to understand the student’s requirements for tuition, what they needed to learn, how I was to grade and deliver lessons and how I was to work with other foreign teachers to create a great team in both the staff room and classroom environment.

My position as a head teacher was to work closely with parents, teachers, and students to deliver a perfect environment for the Ministry of Education's guidelines to be fulfilled as we organised the new English Program into a reputable and advanced learning environment that worked extremely well within its program. As a recruiter, the basic value of a school’s requirements is important to determine when thinking about what kind of teacher can succeed within the school's curriculum and how to move a teacher into the main area of their overall plans for future success of the students, other foreign teachers, and the school’s future. Choosing a teacher isn't always straightforward but given my advice and reading my Personal Development Plan through various avenues of my life as a teacher it's important to determine if a teacher is caring, willing to adapt and at most be fun, active and always with a smile at the forefront of every single lesson taught. I've written my Personal Development Plan to guide recruiters, teachers, and schools for future success because the basic core requirement of a teacher is to work well around the Ministry of Education's guidelines and the school's curriculum.

If you’re thinking about recruiting TEFL Teachers and need a platform to start the process I want you to decide if it's something you can succeed with because it's not for everyone and does not fit into a business that doesn't have the school's requirements at hand, also including the students at the forefront of the recruitment phase from the start, the duration and until the end of each contract because successful teachers often want to move on to even more success through their own personal development and they will stay with you forever if you nurture that dream to enable them to travel and teach around the world or even stay with the school for their own love of teaching there and who knows one day they might return to teaching on how to make a business too just like I have on this platform for you, because remember I was a teacher too.

TEFL recruiters will find success with my platform because I spent so much time delivering it to perfection with security from the foundations and with years of teaching myself, I know this is the best decision for recruiters that create as I did with my environment project and it all starts here at TEFL Art. My Personal Development Plan was about Classroom Management and my creation of a personal development plan. I'm so delighted you have arrived here to learn more about me. Here I want you to understand that finding teachers with the same mindset, a mindset that becomes your own niche. Your TEFL recruitment business with TEFL Art can become a part of your business that comes with training from my training courses that will nurture your business into a website that works. I'll show what this is all about. I hope that my message is clear because it’s been a long journey to show you as recruiters or a person that wants to venture into recruitment it's all about the basics of life. If you’re ready and really prepared, well it's all about trust and the energy you place into your future in recruitment.