Growing Success In Ourselves and for Our Students

Posted by Stephen Peter Jones on 22nd Jun 2019

Growing Success for Students

My decision to teach English was the best decision for me to succeed in everything I do today and it all revolves around when I arrived from Birmingham Airport to Bangkok with enough money to take my TEFL course at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy and live for about a month which was scary but a little exciting as you can imagine. After all, it wasn’t a job stacking food in a factory or working in an office from 9-5 like in the United Kingdom and for me, it was a new start after I had made my decision to become a teacher during my previous travels around Australia for a year. I didn’t want to return home and live the same life again in a system that never suited my character of being a traveller and a business developer for fully automated business allowing you to travel and work as you find beautiful beaches and landscapes to work from.

The TEFL training was exceptional and although difficult I enjoyed the lessons and the course content which was guided by several course content books that highlighted the science behind a language and the skills needed to complete the certificate of teaching Asian students. Our course team were all interesting and well-organised teachers and our mentor and trainer Kamila from Canada was amazing and she taught us in Japanese her previous country of residence for one whole lesson to concentrate on our skills of learning a language overall, strange to learn Japanese in Thailand but effective to learn a language development as I was to teach English afterwards.

I made lots of friends and hooked up with another teacher who studied with me in my apartment organised by the school. I was happy and willing to learn a little Thai and have a few nights out, but I knew I had to concentrate on this overpowering need to succeed in something I had never thought would have led to such an amazing life in teaching English as a Foreign Language. As the weeks unfolded, I managed to eat out, make friends and maintained my studies to complete the course and begin a new life. I was nervous at the end of the course when we had to construct several demo lessons to teach for the first time to students and our mentors.

It's one of those times that everything seemed to fall into place, but my lessons were basic, however, I completed the course and was delighted to graduate and pick up my certificate from Leigh, the course organiser and the school's owner James (RIP) now passed away! Now I want you to recruit some great teachers and students for your online business with my fully automated recruitment website system and business development for online success.