Sat. Feb 29th, 2020


I’m Stephen a well-travelled man that has had the chance to travel and teach English around the world. I suppose my niche is travel and teaching English as a Foreign Language. I have lived in Thailand for five years, Australia a year and even Bangladesh for a year. I’ve travelled South East Asia clockwise and anti-clockwise over the years and taught Business English in China three times. I’ve been to over 80 cities and 32 countries worldwide, but I had to work hard to afford that as a classroom teacher with lots of holidays and opportunities to travel but always on a budget.

I am the creator and owner of TEFL Art and have worked hard to find the best information for blog readers and those that wish to learn from me that want to own their own business just like I do assisting people just like you to find your way on the teaching circuit be it owning a business or travelling around the world just like I have teaching or running an online recruitment business, classroom teaching and website creation for others to join in to have fun and become successful.

I’m now running two websites one for teacher recruitment and this one to give teachers, students, schools and education departments a chance to find new interesting ideas about teaching English as a Foreign Language, recruitment opportunities and excellent well organised blogs, articles about language development and learning how to become an owner of an online teaching business. I’ve spent a long time organising a training schedule with various eBooks and presentations for teachers to become recruiters or run a home business from where they can build a business around it either as online teachers, classroom teachers or recruiters. The training I’ve created is easy to understand and gets straight to the point and can be implemented whatever level you’re at with your life with education, business set up or language learning, this website is where you’ll find it all.

I’ve enjoyed a great life and worked hard to have travelled so far for so many years and accumulated such a wealth of information that you’ll find here on TEFL Art. I’m am constantly building this website with the knowledge I have accumulated over the years from where I’ve managed to keep all of my memories in place in order to be able to retell my stories either in my blog or within my posts that I’ve organised here on TEFL Art.

I’m delighted to have my audience from around the world post comments on my articles where and when possible. I’ve decided that the knowledge  I have accumulated after so many years of travel and being involved in language development for foreign students really paves the way for a system that cannot just open up channels for students, teachers and English departments but those that wish to learn what its really like to travel, teach and learn so much to tell the stories over and over again just like me.

Stephen Peter Jones