About me


Welcome to TEFL Art Ltd, a recruitment and training business company for teachers that wish to teach English online and learn how to create an online teaching business with my training here on TEFL Art. Customers here will learn how to find students and other teachers to improve the businesses future in making it a more profitable and successful outfit. I'm also giving this opportunity for you to teach anything that your good at, have knowledge about or an expert at and can teach about in general on the internet.

I'm an English teacher recruiter, an online teaching agency owner, I own this online training store and I'm also a student correspondence officer for supply of English teachers online at all levels. My name is Stephen Peter Jones, a well-groomed, honest and likeable guy from the United Kingdom. Over the years I've travelled extensively around the world, especially Asia either teaching or learning about new cultures, food and languages. I've been busy setting up various internet businesses in education and travel over the years and have become more of entrepreneur in online business training.

I've worked for Channel Seven Broadcasting Company owned by Miss Thailand's husband, Illusions Marketing, a retouching company for advertising such as Colgate and Heineken, done interviews for Bangkok Radio and taught English for a flight booking system company called Abacus. Please become one of my trainees where an invitation for my Facebook marketing group applies, you’ll receive free Opt-In training, learn from videos, eBooks and presentations all offered here on TEFL Art.