Environmental Project

I am a teacher of past that cared about one reality of passing information forward to create an environment where students could enjoy their studies and learn not just from books but also from the social science aspect of our language. I had nurtured students from grade three, four five into grade six including grade four bilingual, one of my favourite classes because some of those students stood out in front of class time and time again and showed me how fast they could learn. They were fun to teach, they had charisma and were thoughtful, but I am not a teacher that gives one class the favouritism over the duration of the whole year as all my classes were amazing and some went on to amazing things but of course the whole aspect of making a student succeed is to teach them that there will be challenges later in life.

That challenge in mind was a project that I planned for students to complete in the form of a social science project. An environmental project that was to be displayed in front of the school later that year for other teachers, parents and the school management so before I continue you know this was a successful project that worked in the form of being fun, creative and easy to understand. The message must be easy when we teach environmental awareness and improvement it's what our students need to learn from, the fun aspect side of learning but to nurture them into a meaningful mindset to remember how they can tell others how we can improve the environment was something I wanted to achieve overall.

let me show you what the project was all about and how we in grade six completed the whole project in the light of others that wanted to learn after. The project was as mentioned in an environmental project for students to create rules for a model city made in an artistic way, a city that was to represent the future and the cities could be futuristic or just as I explained in my examples to them such as Singapore, a city that has the correct mindset to be clean, safe and of mixed nationalities that came together to create a great environment but of course we can always do better can't we?, that's what I always expressed to my students. They created their cities with materials from household materials, beautiful paint and brushes giving the artistic touch to each aspect of their cities such as building colours road markings, temple colours and parks for children to enjoy times together with homes and much more, it was so much fun watching them create their cities and the photos will show you in my gallery exactly how we did this as a project in grade six.

So now you’re thinking about finding the teacher for the job as a recruiter, well it's all about opportunity and of course you can screen a teacher, interview a teacher and you can cross-exam a teacher's past but the bottom line is as a recruiter you need to really listen to what your teachers are saying in the form of why they want to be a teacher or if they already have experience how can they bring this to a new school and then ask them how this will reflect on their students future in the class. Teachers come and go it's a challenge to keep teacher's that travel from country to country but it's also important to mention that a least one year of a good teacher is better than one month of a teacher just passing through.

I stayed  at my school for over four years because I was happier than I have ever been, I had fantastic friends both foreign and English in a community I loved, and I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the school’s decisions to make me head teacher, but my final message was clear on the end of the last contract. I had done all I could to achieve for my students to succeed at that point and now my students were to go into their high school stages of tuition, I was to move on and let them shine again for their next teacher but leaving a school is never easy when you have taught the same students for over four years and if your teachers can produce at least one outstanding project in the duration of a contract it's all good and your students will never forget you when they think back about why they can speak English so well.

Here's the project in its full light! Full Environmental Project - Thailand

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