Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

TEFL Art – The Financial Side

What is an Affiliate Program?

TEFL Art is not just an affiliate-based website it’s far more because its an information portal for teachers, schools, students and  education departments to be able to comment, advertise either for free or for paid advertising and it gives me more time to think about what I want on my website each time I build content so it works as a gateway  for success on the other side of life with the more knowledge I get from advertisers and readers and all that view and interact on TEFL Art.

An affiliate program is an arrangement by which a company or online merchant selling a product, tool or service agrees to pay their affiliates being a commission for any sales blog that generates their products or services so it’s a means of getting paid for the hard work placed in delivering this website as a whole which has lots of links to various products, other reading material and material that may help my audience become business owners themselves, maybe that’s you but this isn’t the dark side of life it’s a good honest website written with experience with the correct intentions to help others that want to witness anti depressants with the less side affects to promise you a smile with well written content that is easy to follow.

For the company who manages the affiliate programs, they’re incentive’s are for you to make a decision to buy or not but it’s really no different than buying direct you just get far more in the service as far as educational information is concerned which is offered on my website like a financial system that gets paid for writing great content for you, than if you went direct to the supplier because everything I place on here has been reviewed by me or other people that have answered my articles and know what a good service or product is.

Its all about commission pay-outs  and a technical analysis of the financial market to send them referral traffic. It’s one of the easiest ways for brands to attract new customers, because they’re tapping into websites just like mine where their target audience already exists online and it’s somewhere my customers for example love to go. The process works by placing an affiliate link on my blog or website, which leads anyone who clicks on it straight to the merchant’s website but you can get a reduction in prices and vouchers for a reduced price better than going straight to the main dealer but this does depend on whats on offer at the time as far as reduction and promotions.

The agreements of affiliate programs often vary greatly some offer a commission to the affiliate only after a customer completes a sale, while other affiliate programs offer a commission for just getting a visitor to sign up for a free trial of their product whether or not they end up becoming a fully paid customer or not. Choosing affiliate partners is not easy due to the cost of running this website and organising collateral to continue with it.

In short though, there are three main types of rewards in affiliate marketing:

Free Product: With product-based affiliate marketing, when I promote a brand’s products, I’ll get free samples, credits or plan upgrades in exchange for referring new customers to the company. While this can sometimes be a win, it’s not the best way to make money and for my interest I would rather have customers come to me for advice on what to purchase for a better deal. At most I have the best deals on my website for loyalty purposes.

Commission: Most affiliate programs will compensate me for each time a new customer signs up for my company’s product, tool or service via my affiliate link, granting me a one-time fixed commission pay-out sometimes based on the value of which plan or product the customer purchased and on the other side of life where the perfect market analysis is done and financial rewards are given out to me from where I can’t complain when the technical analysis of the market allows me to affiliate with more businesses and allow them to advertise for free or under a professional deal made up of both parties.

Percentage of Sale: This is by far, the most common type of affiliate marketing, mainly because it’s considered to be more worthwhile. Under this agreement, I will receive a percentage of the sales whenever someone clicks on the affiliate link on my blog/website and purchases the product or service being offered but once again I do have to run the site as best I can with what I earn on the market but I class my articles as a great power of equity and business motivation for other to follow my path as a teacher, business owner and entrepreneur.

Without this I would not have the time, energy or momentum to deliver this website as best I can with continuous upgrades to information and posts that everyone can comment on and that’s a lot of work but I love what I do so choose this as a means to continue other than other money making ventures online that don’t interest me at all. I’m solely here for my customers, the readers of this website and that come back over and over again to read new articles or comment on the previous ones.

Editor – Stephen Peter Jones