Training Course 2 - Micro Offer - Your next step after Opt-In - let's Go!

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Grab your Four Offer Timeline poster, an online Business Checklist Presentation to find out where to start your business and to make sure you do it right. Also an eBook for business development and motivation not to mention an exccellent write up about making your websites and business pages and content more authoritive. Read about how to set up your marketing before your site construction and why is marketing first with a Five Offer Marketing Strategy eBook.

What You Get!

1. Learn about the Four Offer Funnel - Plan marketing around your business.

2. Four Offer Funnle eBook.

3. Onlibe business checklist - Do it Right!.

4. Online business development plan.

5. Undetstand the authority of your business - Your Know How!.

6. Why teachihg is a great a great niche.